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Clothing Manufacturers Bali – we are is a company engaged in the Clothing Manufacture Bali. We established since 2000, committed to producing cheap clothes with good quality and on time with the price of ex-factory or ex-work. Our service and product like : the process of batik fabrics, the first example, duplicate, cut and sewing, shipping, exported worldwide from dress, poncho, kaftan, jumper, top, skirt, trousers, men’s shirts, t-shirts, head bands, scrunchies, using rayon fabric 100%. For those of you who want to Buy Clothing Stock with our product, we give opportunity to you who want to buy Clothing Stock to Invest In with small amount or with big amount. and all our supplies are always ready.

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We are located at Jalan Tukad Baru Timur 48 Denpasar 80221 – Bali, Indonesia. Has become a Sarong Manufacturers Indonesia that has been trusted by many of our clients who are around the world. We have some products that you can choose among others. We have products from accessories such as tote bags, pouches, shrounchies, head band, etc. And of course our main product is sewn – products, we are specialized in batik,  printcustom fabric, sarong, wear categories such as Dress, Poncho, Kaftan, Pant,Jumper, Top, Skirt, Sarong, Man shirt, T-shirts, Hoodies, Knit top.

About Cheap Clothing

We as Clothing Manufacturers Bali have capacity planning with flexible production capabilities. We create customized capacity for each client based on certain requirements and projected delivery dates. Product development or samples. We have a team of product developers already very experienced with pattern makers and tailor samples. Have a close cooperation with our clients and result in faster development time and higher. Product quality while meeting your demand objectives with your costing suitability. For those of you who purchase our products like Clothing Stock for  sale and if experiencing a mismatch of our products. Then we have a service return time for products that do not match your request. We will process your return request using our return standard is 10-12 weeks, from the date of PO request to Ex-Factory. Returns can be faster depending on the agreement that has been made or using a special program.

The Best Cheap Cloting

Why we are the best for Clothing Manufacturers Bali ? It because we have Quality insurance service. We have developed a multifaceted quality control process at every stage of production. Each unit is checked through a final audit by a customer inspector or an independent auditor. So that every product that we make there is no failure or error in the manufacturing process. We have a 24-hour Service for Customers in which our batik makers and tailors can tailor customers’ needs to each of our clients to meet their expectations. With timely responses, updates and WIP reports, we reduced the number of email phone calls. And eliminated the need for repeated follow-up.

For more information about supplies, Clothing Manufacturers Bali, and  other information about our products. You may contact us through the contacts we provide below.

  • FAST RESPONSE : +62 818 346 548 (Whatsapp/Mobile)

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